Your Success is Our Success. We wanted to create a course where the skin care professional was educated for success with the ability to correctly assess a client, explain how nano needling works for different skin concerns and and create transformative results for the client..  

The course steps through every aspect of the procedure starting with patient consultation and concerns, moving through contraindications, conditions treatable then settings and treatment technique. At completion you will have  the tools, knowledge and guidance to perform safe and effective nano needling treatments. 

We also leave you with the material to succeed. The training manual is downloadable for future reference along with all treatment forms for the procedure. It also includes a skin condition guide to give exact protocols, ingredients and home care suggestions for the client.

About the instructor

Clinical Instructor

Charlotta Pettersson

My interest for the beauty industry began in the early 1990's. I struggled with bad acne, and as a result needed to go to a skin care specialist. They helped to clear up my skin, and that is when I knew I would like to do something similar as a profession. The real passion probably started 10 years later, in the beginning of year 2000, when I was internationally trained at the School for Estheticians and Cosmetologists in Stockholm, Sweden, and received the prestigious CIDESCO diploma. I started working in Sweden at different spas, but my main work experience began assisting top plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area, which led me to become clinic director/trainer at a top medical spa.With a desire to help those with different skin concerns, I engrossed myself in every aspect of cosmetic procedures available. This led me to develop the combination approach to skin problems resulting in more effective outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. The interest and fascination for the skin and the beauty industry is always ongoing for me, and there is always something new to learn. Over the last 4 years this same creative thinking has developed advanced protocols using microneedling to treat many different skin concerns and even successfully treat burn scars and Vitiligo.I hope that you will enjoy this class, and feel free to reach out if you have questions after completing your training. Good Luck!